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Tequila Barrel Gift Set

Everything you need to get the party started! This 1L oak barrel comes laser engraved with the tequila graphic, salt shot glasses, tequila essence to make your very own tequila and a funnel for easy transfer! Perfect gift for your friend who loves a good time!

Vanilla Extract Barrel

Vanilla beans sweet, perfumed aroma coupled with their mildly woodsy smoky flavor gives pure vanilla extract a depth and complexity beyond compare. Couple them with the natural vanillin flavors inherent in our toasted 1L Oak Vanilla Barrel and you have a marriage beyond compare. Like a fine bottle of aged whiskey, your barrel-aged vanilla extract matures and mellows with age ... indulge and enjoy!

Kombucha Barrel

Nothing beats natural American white oak when it comes to brewing Kombucha! Our Kombucha oak barrels come with carefree galvanized hoops and with an ample 6" opening in the head of the barrel for ease of working with your Kombucha scoby.

Age Your Own Balsamic Kit

Our special Age-Your-Own Balsamic set includes everything you'll need to develop the unique and unmistakable characteristics of traditional balsamic vinegars. Your Balsamic set will become part of your kitchen essential 'go-to's' and one you'll enjoy for years and years to come.

the 'Perfect' Little Funnel

There's nothing better for filling your 1L, 2L or 5L American oak barrels - no more spills ... no more mess! This 'perfect' little funnel is made of stainless steel and measures just 2" across with a 3/8" opening.

Twin Bubble Air-Lock

Air-locks play a vital role in protecting your wine or brew during 'secondary fermentation' when the contents become most susceptible to contamination from outside sources. Your Twin Bubble Air-Lock will arrive complete with 3/4" rubber stopper designed to fit snugly in either our 10L or 20L American oak barrels.

Replacement Parts

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