Vinegar Barrels

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Toasted Oak Barrels

Ideal for red wine vinegars. You'll find that your handcrafted red wine or more robust vinegars fermented and aged in toasted oak barrels will take on properties that improve it by making it softer and more complex in flavor.  The slower oak barrel fermentation results in vinegars of exceptional quality.  

Un-Toasted Oak Barrels

White wine vinegar is a kitchen essential.  Begin with an un-toasted vinegar barrel and a white wine Mother of Vinegar culture to convert your leftover white wines into astonishingly flavorful white wine vinegars that will add a zing and liveliness to your cooking.  

Mother of Vinegar Culture

In the world of vinegar, a "mother" is a live starter – very similar to the bread starter for sourdough. The "mother" or "mother of vinegar" is home to a particular type of acetic acid-producing bacteria called acetobacter which converts wine into delicious vinegar. Look for the mother to form a gelatinous or cellulose-like mass on the surface of your vinegar – this is the telltale sign that the bacteria are alive and well ... and doing their work!